Asbestos Testing Glasgow.

Asbestos Testing Glasgow, strongly recommend that if you suspect any material that may contain asbestos, do not touch it.  Get a survey by a accredited asbestos testing surveyor.

Asbestos testing Glasgow.
Certification body accreditation.

If you think you have asbestos in your home contact Asbestos testing Glasgow,  look for signs of wear or damage such as tears, abrasions, or water damage.

Damaged material may release asbestos fibres. Particularly true when you often disturb it by hitting, rubbing or handling, or if it is exposed to extreme vibration or air flow.

The most common way for asbestos fibres to enter the body is through breathing. Unfortunately, asbestos containing material that is  releasing dust or fibres into the air, they can be inhaled or ingested.

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Call for advice on staying safe.

For slightly damaged asbestos-containing material,  the best way to deal with it is to limit access to the area and not to touch or disturb it.

If asbestos-containing material is more than slightly damaged or if you are going to make changes in your home that might disturb it, repair or removal by a qualified asbestos surveyor and get certification.

Asbestos testing Glasgow, proud to dedicate of promoting safety throughout the licensed asbestos testing industry.  As Glasgow’s leading asbestos surveyors and testers.

Do not take a chance.

Let our certified professional surveyors, protect your workers, family, and environment.  As the damage it causes is irreversible.

August 2000, the EPA conducted a series of tests for consumers of adverse health effects associated with asbestos-contaminated vermiculite.

Hundreds of fibrous minerals can be found around the world and classified as asbestos forms which our surveyors will deal with.

 Six asbestos materials were used on an industrial scale and for practical reasons are classified as asbestos.  Some of them are very common and some are extremely rare.  Contact Asbestos testing Glasgow.

We only deal with asbestos problems, which means you can be certain that you are dealing with the best.  We are not a ‘Jack of all trades’ we are the master of just one…asbestos Testing and Certification.  If you would like further information about our asbestos services. 


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Certification body accreditation.